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Charlie’s Family Tree

Three photographs are in the center. One black and white portrait of three generations of the Hunter family, one sepia of Charlie and Margaret, one of coneflowers in a field. An Olympus OMD camera  with leather strap is on the right. A sprig of baby's breath is on the left. The backdrop is grey farmhouse style floorboards.

Hello and welcome to today’s post!

As promised, something a little different. If you look up to the menu on the top right under the Appendices tab there’s another new item today titled Family Tree. This graphic documents Charlie’s lineage as far back as 1814 and includes all of the family from then down to his eight great-grandchildren. Putting this information together has involved an incredible amount of time and research on Margaret’s part! We think it will be a helpful resource as you read through the blog, since the stories and memories frequently involve extended family and distant relatives.

The diagram is slightly interactive. There are instructions for navigating directly below it.

Study it well, there will be a quiz next week.

Just kidding.