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Margaret’s Epilogue

The twelve and a half years after Charlie had his stroke were challenging. Through the support of daily PSW’s and therapists, Charlie shed his feeding tube and learned to walk with a cane. He insisted on walking the whole length of the house and back daily. In spite of being handicapped, he never complained. He attended an Adult Therapy & Recreation Centre (ATRC) program in Paris each week for a change. In the last week of September 2017, Charlie had a mini stroke and was hospitalized for about a week. He was home in time for our family Thanksgiving. He did not feel well all Fall but kept going. He did not want to go into a “home”. The family were here Boxing Day for our Christmas celebration and he came to my 90th Birthday Open House party on New Year’s Day at the Church Hall. He took sick at supper time, and Stan and Mary brought him home. Finally on January 25, 2018 he said to me, ‘This is not working”, and we decided to go to the hospital. The doctors did their best but could not get rid of the pneumonia. He passed away at about 5 o’clock a.m. on February 3, 2018. He was finally at peace!

This brings us to the end of the Charlie’s Story book content. We hope you’ve loved reading it as much as we’ve loved publishing it here.

In the next post we’ll outline some steps that will follow in the book publishing process, part of which will be the release of an e-book which has been very fun to work on!

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P.S. The photo above is from the gardens at the house where C.D. and Kate Hunter lived, now owned by Robert and Christa Hunter.

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