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Edits, E-book and a Blogging Break

Hand lettering on a notebook page reads "Write the book you want to read". In small writing "Austin Kleon" is underneath the quote. to the left of the notebook is an Olympus OM-D camera. To the right  is a sprig of baby's breath. The backdrop is grey farmhouse style floor boards.

Hello and welcome to the last blog post for a little while. The manuscript is now going through one last extremely thorough edit, and photos are being captioned as accurately as possible. Yes, there are a lot of photos! And the majority of them will only be available in the e-book version of Charlie’s Story. The value of the e-book (besides the inclusion of photos) will be the option of downloading the book content to your own device for you to keep. This website will not remain active for long after the project is complete.

If you’d like to be notified when the e-book is available, please use the Contact form above to send your request. Alternately, you may follow us on Instagram and send a DM with your e-mail. The button is in the right-hand menu if you’re not already following. E-mail addresses will not be shared in any way, and will only be used once to send the e-book link.

As soon as the e-book goes live, a copy of the manuscript will also go out for publishing! We’re so excited for the day when a physical copy of Charlie’s Story will be available. More information about how to get your book will be available here on the blog closer to that time. Stay tuned!