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About the Project


Charlie's Story

A Work in Progress

Hello and welcome to a new blog!

We’re excited to introduce this space which is here to document the content and publishing of a (soon-to-be) book called Charlie’s Story written by Margaret Hunter.

The writing of this book has been a passion of hers for many years, and she’s worked incredibly hard to put together these stories of her husband’s life. We’re now in the final stretch of having the manuscript be put together as a published book for all of us.

Charlie’s memories are poignant and charming, funny and detailed. Along with entries from his mother Kate’s diary, they paint a lovely picture of a life well-lived amongst family and friends in small town Ontario.

I am privileged to be tasked with editing and formatting Margaret’s writing, and turning it into that hard copy which each of us can hold in our hands. John is tasked with everything technical involved in that process. He has the more difficult job! In the meantime, please join us on the journey of getting to that point, and get a sneak peek at the stories and photos and charts and maps and documents that will make up the final version of the book!

We hope you enjoy!