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Charlie’s Story: Margaret’s Introduction

There are three vintage black and white family portrait photographs in the centre, showing  families in the Hunter and Burbidge ancestry.  An Olympus 500D camera is in the top right. A sprig of baby's breath is in the bottom right. The background is grey wooden floorboards.

Hello and welcome!  Today we have the first “official” post! It contains the introduction to the book, which Margaret has written to preface Charlie’s Story. It gives a bit of background to the writing plus a taste of what’s to come!

“Charlie Hunter lived a long and full life.  In his last 12 1/2 years, after his stroke, he had time to reflect on it.  Many times he would remember events in his past and share them with me.   His whole life was spent in Scotland and he participated in the community in many ways.  He was very involved with the Fire Department and toward the end of his service, I helped him put together the story of the Scotland Volunteer Fire Service.   In 2015, Charlie was asked to give his life story at a Men’s Breakfast.  It was about this time that we decided to start to write down his life story.  I am so glad that I recorded his memories as he recounted them.  I have also  included  some dates and details of events from his mother Kate’s diaries.  Without the help of family members, this story would not be possible.  Thank you!”

(Is anyone else motivated to keep a diary now?!)