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Chapter 3 Part 2: Stories & Memories

Two photos are in the center. One large family portrait in formal dress outside the house, and one casual scene of family members in a park setting.  A sprig of baby's breath is on the top left. The backdrop is chalkboard with faint white script.

Welcome and hello!

Today, a few stories and memories from the Hunter home and around the community during the Family Years.

“I remember in May 1950, Mother bought us a four poster bed. On December 25, 1950, we had Christmas dinner for 22! This included Doug & Ruby Lake, Karen, Gordon, Grandmother Carrie Burbidge, Father and Mother Burbidge, Allison, John, Jess and Del Lloyd, Mrs. Smith and Amy, Monty and Enid Smith, C.D., Kate and Mary Hunter. That was our first large dinner party!

I remember that in 1952, my parents went on a trip to Europe. The milk cows went to Mike Mitchell’s and never came back. After that father had Angus beef cattle. Also in 1952, I remember the burning of the Church drive shed in July, where Campbell Paint Company had their supplies. I remember doing the architect drawings for the new Church Hall and directing the construction in 1954.

In the early 1950’s, I decided that a pond would be good fire protection for the business. Allison Burbidge was home from University, so he and John Burbidge helped me pour the cement spillway and thus a pond was created. On October 15, 1954, Hurricane Hazel swept through. Father took the plank out of the spillway in the pond so that more water could go down the creek and manage the rising pond water.

In July of 1961 Margaret went to Bishop University in Lennoxville, Quebec for the National C.G.I.T. Conference, celebrating 60 years.

The family would go on summer day trips during these years: “Labour Day 1959 we went to Niagara Falls for a picnic with Father & Mother (C.D. & Kate) Hunter. Labour Day 1962, a picnic on the Avon River in Stratford with Father & Mother, Margaret, Bobby, Anne & I. July 23, 1967 the family enjoyed a day at Shaver’s cottage at Turkey Point. On the Civic Holiday in 1973 the family visited the African Lion Safari.

In the early 1970’s, the Scotland Elementary school was to be closed for good by the Board of Education. After a concerted effort by local townsfolk (including Margaret), it was decided that a new school would be built on the same school grounds. Thus, in July of 1974, a school reunion was planned before the old school was to be demolished. The day’s activities included displays of former classes, food at the United Church, and a program of speeches by dignitaries. About one thousand people attended that Saturday.

Also taking place the same week (unknown to Margaret and me) Anne and some of her horse friends planned to carry out a Hundred Hour Horse Riding Marathon for the Guinness Book of Records. From Thursday til Saturday this would take place in our east pasture. Extra horses were kept in the barn, and additional people were on hand to look after horses, provide food, and monitor the ride day and night. Our house and yard were a hub of busyness for three days and nights. It was a great collaborative effort by all. Unfortunately, another group doing the same thing beat our crew by half an hour, and set the record.

In early 1977 we had a very bad snow storm. The town line, Bishopsgate Road, was blocked for a week with vehicles completely buried by snow. No school buses ran to the High School that week.

In 1988, March 10-30, Margaret went on a trip to Japan with Barbara Carnahan and Mary Poss to visit Enid Horning. This included a short visit to Seoul, Korea on the way home.”

Anyone else remember that snow storm from 1977? (Me.) How about Hurricane Hazel?

Til next time,