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Chapter 2 Part 2: Family & Community

"Community is about doing something that makes belonging matter" is handwritten in black and brown lettering on a lined notebook page in the center.  An Olympus OMD camera is in the top left corner. A sprig of baby's breath is in the bottom left corner.  A black marker and a clear plastic fountain pen are on the right side. The backdrop is farmhouse style grey floorboards.

Hello again and welcome! Today we continue with stories and memories from home and around the community during Charlie’s Young Adult Years.

“I remember that in September 1941, Father built the double garage. And I remember Grandmother Halliday lived on the south-west corner of Talbot and Church Streets. Her house and 25 Talbot Street, the former parsonage, were built by M. Stickles.

I remember that on September 7, 1942, I was an usher at Enid and Bill’s wedding. There were so many people staying with us that there were people sleeping under the dining room table!

In 1941 Mary was in the Sanitarium in Hamilton with tuberculosis. “I remember I had to type the weekly church bulletin and mimeograph it for her.” Also in 1941, “on October 23, I had my tonsils removed.”

On Oct. 7, 1943, I went deer hunting up north with some Fairfield farmers. I wasn’t pleased and came home early! I never told what happened. On July 1, 1944, my appendix ruptured. Father had a sick headache and couldn’t go to the barn. I was in pain, but wouldn’t leave for the doctor’s until the chores were done. Dr. Searles and Dr. Waite operated. It took me two weeks to get over it.”

In the spring of 1947, Grandmother Kate Halliday died after breaking her hip while Charlie and his father were away at Zeroth’s buying lumber.

“I remember that Grandmother Emily Hunter lived in part of the house on the north-east corner of Simcoe and Elgin Streets. From time to time she would have to come and stay with us as she was not eating enough to keep her well.”

One more post from this chapter which will take us up to the year of Charlie and Margaret’s wedding. Stay tuned!

Til next time,