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Chapter 1 Part 6: Church Life

Two vintage photographs of Scotland United Church are in the center. A sprig of baby's breath is on the left. The backdrop is the hand written sheets of paper containing Charlie's speech.

Welcome and hello!

This section will be the last one from the first chapter “Early Years”. We hope you’ve really enjoyed these so far!

Church life was important for Charlie.  He attended Scotland United Church all his life and became a member in 1935.  He attended Sunday School and eventually led a class of  boys. Charlie attended TUXIS and Trail Rangers with Rev. Earl Eddy as leader. He remembered weaving baskets and making mud cattail torches at TUXIS.

When Charlie was 16 years old, Kate wrote this in her diary…

February 12, 1937:  “Boys had Father and Son banquet. I was convener of lunch committee. Mrs. Shellington jellied veal for 60 – very nice; had scalloped potatoes, veal, pickles, jellied salad, pie and cake. On Sunday evening the fathers and sons led the evening service and Charlie gave the address. Six Trail Rangers wore surplices and were in choir with six Dads behind them. Douglas Eddy sang a solo. Charles Jr. gave a ten minute address. He read it very well indeed for his first effort.”

Charlie remembered one Church Anniversary evening service in the 1930’s when he enjoyed the singing of a group of African-American singers and wonderful piano playing. “I remember that prior to the pipe organ there was a reed organ given in memory of Joseph Taylor. The reed organ was electrified but could be pumped by hand for a softer sound. I pumped it for funerals or other times when a low volume was desired.”

I remember Sunday School picnics at Port Dover, Galt, Woodstock, Rest Acres and other places, with the eight gallon milk can full of lemonade (which I helped to make), lots of food, ice cream, games and swimming – what fun! I remember that in January the Annual Church Meeting would happen. We kids would go across the street from school for dinner at noon, then the adults would have the meeting in the afternoon. I remember spray painting the church siding in the 1930’s. I remember the church steeple being struck by lightning and father climbing into the steeple with a water hose to put the fire out. Art Campbell later repaired the steeple, and there were new church doors installed for the 100th Anniversary of the church in October 1935.”

A full handwritten copy of the speech Charlie gave at the Father and Son service can be seen under the “Appendices” tab at the top right of the page, or by clicking here.

The next few posts we’ll be sharing some slightly different content, before moving on to Charlie’s Young Adult Years.

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