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Chapter 1 Part 2: Charlie’s Early Years, Continued

The words "We do not know the value of our moments until they have undergone the test of memory" are written in black and brown hand lettering on a notebook page in the center. The author's name "Georges Duhamel" is written in small lettering below the words. A clear fountain pen in laid across the top right corner of the page. A black marker with brown cap and a sprig of baby's breath are on the left. An Olympus O M D camera is on the right. The backdrop is grey farmhouse flooring.

Hello and welcome to another post.

A short one today containing some memories Charlie had from around the village as a young boy.

“I remember seeing a team of horses pulling a sled of firewood to Brantford past the house on Oakland Road, and wagon loads of turnip going past to the train station.  I remember when old Highway #24 to Brantford was paved on the east side only and you could only drive on the pavement until you met another car.  In Brantford, the Market Square had rows of farm trucks backed up to the booths with their produce.  And I remember the house west of Grandfather Halliday’s on Church Street burning up. Father and others had a bucket brigade and threw water on the Halliday house to save it since there was no fire equipment at that time. I also remember Father taking the Buick car loaded with men to shovel snow drifts on the Norwich road.

What do you see around your community that should be remembered, and told to future generations?